EVENT: The Real Covid – Let The People Speak

By Zero Covid Scotland

We have waited too long for a public inquiry. People with lived experience of the pandemic are coming together to set the record straight.

The Real Covid – Let the People Speak

Saturday September 4th, 11am to 1pm (UTC+1)

Speakers include:

Allison Ross – Home-Care Provider

Professor Andrew Watterson – Pandemic update

Anita Shanley – Surviving lockdown

Charlie Miller – A&E Health Care Support Worker

Finlay Baxter – Young people and the job market

Ian Mullen – UNISON Health & Safety Officer

Jane Ormerod – Long Covid Scotland

Janet Newsham – Hazards Campaign

Keith Paterson – Covid issues for LGBT people

Peter Doherty – McVitie’s GMB convenor

Rob Connell – Teacher

Sally Witcher – Covid issues for people with disabilities

Sammie Mcfarland – Long Covid Kids

Stacey McCann – One Voice Support Group

Vicky van der Togt – Long Covid and the Zero Covid Alliance

If not now when?

It is 100 days since the results of the Scottish Parliament election, and the public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic has been put on ice. Schools are reopening and the NHS is under strain, while many workplaces are simply not safe. It is time that the real stories of the pandemic are heard, and lessons learnt.

Please join us there

For real news and an opportunity to meet other activists. Not just in Scotland, but internationally.