Face Mask Safety

Know the facts before you wear one

No Impact On Your Oxygen Intake

Wearing a face covering does not interfere with the amount of oxygen getting to your lungs. Surgeons wear masks safely for hours.

No Exposure To Toxic Substances

Carbon dioxide from your exhaled air escapes harmlessly through the mask. A face covering is made of safe, familiar materials (cloths, paper, waterproof backing). It won’t stress your immune system.

Decrease Virus Transmission

Depending on what it’s made of, your face covering reduces the emission of droplets from your mouth and nose (in coughs, sneezes, and speech) making others safer. It also reduces the amount of virus that you get exposed to.

Scientifically Accurate

The holes in a cloth face-covering seem large in relation to tiny viral particles. But because the virus sites in droplets when it’s in your mouth and nose, the holes are small enough to block them very effectively. The fabric of the mask also absorbs the droplets further preventing transmission.

Wear It Accurately

The mask must be worn over the nose and mouth.