International Zero Covid Day of Action – April 10

Dear friends, colleagues, activists, political groups and other concerned citizens,

2,75 million people have so far died from Covid-19. In many countries a third wave of the pandemic is rolling, incidences are rising, driven by more contagious and more dangerous mutations. At the same time, vaccine rollout is going far too slowly to provide an effective counterforce. Yet governments still stick to failed anti-pandemic strategies. With some shortsighted lobbyists campaigning heavily against measures intended to reduce spread, factories, offices, schools and stores are kept open at any cost.

The Zero Covid strategy offers a perspective for a way out of the pandemic. By bringing down case numbers as rapidly as possible in a joint effort based on solidarity and sustaining this success, we could avoid thousands more deaths, prevent many infections and subsequent suffering from Long Covid.

We, the Zero Covid Movement, call for an International Day of Action on April 10!

On this day, we want to show our support for a strategy that will put a quick and lasting end to this pandemic and bring cases down to zero, taking those countries and regions as our inspiration that have most successfully dealt with the pandemic.

Let us stop the suffering and dying, let us prevent prolonged illness, as well as the economic hardships of prolonging the pandemic indefinitely. We need a change of strategy: to define green zones, temporarily shut down non-essential businesses and close schools for a few weeks with full recompensation for the employees and support for all necessary care work, bring transmissions to a level where each infection can be traced, and every chain of transmission can be stopped. We need to regulate necessary travel in and out of green zones so as to keep cases down permanently. Let us not take the risk of ever new variants escaping immunities, when the pandemic is not contained. Let us leave no one behind, and evacuate mass accomodation and provide shelter and resources for those in need. Let us fight for scaling up vaccine production globally by sharing the production knowledge with the world community. Let us make vaccines and medical supplies available globally and end the pandemic everywhere.

On the Day Of Action, Zero Covid groups from around the world will make their voices heard. We would like to invite you to participate in this day with your own group or organization. The actions can take place on- or offline. Some example include:

– Small demonstrations in front of central political actors (e.g. federal or state ministries for health, education, labor, social affairs)
– Flash mobs, demonstrations and other offline actions
– Disseminating the posters, online, or on walls, windows, etc.
– Online postings/mass mailings to specific state or federal politicians, accompanied by #ZeroCovidDayOfAction

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: We have created a multilingual poster series to help you show your support for a change of strategy, or to highlight a specific topic such as the importance of recognition of airborne transmission or the need for safer schools. You can download the posters here. Print them, hang them in front of your window, or disseminate them in your area! Don’t forget to show your support by sending us your photos: or use the hashtag #ZeroCovidDayOfAction when posting them on social media.

Participate in the #ZeroCovidChallenge

For the 10 April 2021 Day of Action, Zero Covid Alliance is hosting the #ZeroCovidChallenge.

Please upload a ~30 second mp4 video of yourself (or anonymous) telling others what a #ZeroCovid approach means to you, and why you think it is important that we change course towards this type of strategy in the fight against COVID-19.

We will be displaying the videos on our Day of Action liveblog and social media accounts, but if you want, you can also post the video directly on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) with the hashtags #ZeroCovidChallange, and #ZeroCovidDayOfAction, preferably on the Day of Action (10 April 2021).

Our Zero Covid Campaign will simultaneously host online demonstrations with international participants on that day, and we offer and would love to give additional visibility to your local actions during this event, as well as on all our social media and other channels. If you would like to speak during our online event, live stream from your local event, or send us photos, videos, and/or texts to be presented there, please contact us.

We would love you to participate in the day. Please get in touch if you are planning an action, and of course always welcome if you have any questions or suggestions!

Stay tuned for more info on the Zero Covid Day of Action.

Kind regards,

The Zero Covid Movement