Long Covid Kids and Safe Ed For All present #LCKAirCare

Long Covid Kids and SafeEdForAll present #LCKAirCare

They are passionate about assisting schools to remain open safely and to ensure that all scientifically recognised mitigations for an airborne virus are used to reduce risk of infection to the lowest practicable level as required by Health and Safety legislation.


On 21/09/2020 Sir Patrick Vallance in his televised briefing said „The way we reduce the spread is by limiting our number of contacts, by reducing contact in environments where spread is more likely; those are crowded environments, indoor environments, with poor ventilation”

  • Schools are indoor environments.
  • Schools are crowded environments.
  • Schools currently don’t have the means to measure air quality to ensure ventilation is adequate.



  • Ventilation monitoring is essential for all indoor spaces to help prevent the spread of SARS-CoV2.
  • CO2 monitors are recognised as a simple and affordable method of monitoring indoor air quality.
  • A CO2 monitor can be used to assist organisations to make decisions regarding ventilation improvements in a timely and easy to understand way.

There are 32 770 schools in the UK, we believe that every school should have a method of monitoring the ventilation in each indoor space where households mix for any length of time. Knowing when to open windows and create a fresh air flow is a simple result! They have jointly launched a crowdfunding campaign to help all UK schools to be provided with CO2 monitors.

Every donation will assist us to purchase monitors which will be donated to schools across all four nations. For more information about the importance of ventilation and measuring levels of air quality.

Please download the Long Covid Kids Schools Pack which contains practical advice, research and information to help schools to understand the key issues.

Long Covid Kids and SafeEdForAll are concerned about the current lack of scientifically recognised mitigations that are in place in UK schools. We want in-person education to be safesustainable and fair to all. We don’t want to see any child, member of school staff or their family members be unnecessarily exposed to increased risk of infection.

Not everyone who contracts the virus returns to pre-infection health swiftly (1.1 million estimated to be suffering from Long Covid) Long Covid Kids are currently supporting 2650 children who are still facing health issues after initial infection.

ONS data recently revealed that as of the beginning of March, 43 000 children and 114 000 teaching staff in the UK are living with Covid symptoms beyond three months duration. In total one in four people infected have Long Covid with teaching staff being in the top two affected occupations. No children are vaccinated. They can pass the virus to other household members.

Long Covid Kids and SafeEdForAll want to assist schools to be safer and for schools to be able to focus on the education and welfare of their pupils and staff.

Currently many schools are relying solely on following the government guidance document which allows;

  • Bubbles of 300.
  • No social distancing.
  • Lunches eaten indoors with full bubbles seated facing each other across bench tables.
  • No ventilation monitoring.
  • No masks in Primary year groups and optional mask use in Secondary year groups only until May 17th 2021.