Zero Covid Groups

These groups have a common goal of getting to zero transmissions through continued focus on a few key priorities in an achievable strategy, so they work on helping their communities reach zero COVID. Zero positive cases, zero hospitalizations, and zero deaths.


EndCoronavirus is an international volunteer coalition that develops and promotes community-based solutions for policy-makers, businesses and individuals. Our guidelines and recommendations are based on research established by scientists from the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), Harvard, UCLA, MIT and other leading institutions.

NL | Containment Nu

Containment Nu is a grassroots action platform for the introduction of a containment strategy in the Netherlands to contain and stop the virus, instead of having it spread throughout the country.

LB | Zero Covid Lebanon

Zero Covid LB is dedicated to eliminating COVID-19 from Lebanon, by providing a collaboration umbrella for practitioners, scientists and professionals from various disciplines, backgrounds and institutions, and providing volunteers with a platform to actively counter COVID-19 at local and national levels.

IRL | Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG)

The Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG) for COVID-19 is a voluntary, multidisciplinary expert group from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and overseas, advocating a SARS-CoV-2 elimination strategy for the island of Ireland.

DE | Wellenbrecher Jetzt

We are firmly committed to containment: protection of ALL citizens (m,f). Everyone has the right to protection against COVID-19. We demand: combating this pandemic for Germany and Europe with proactive measures for the benefit of all!

UK | Zero Covid UK

A UK-based group campaigning for a Zero Covid strategy: It means eliminating the spread of infection between people in the UK and putting in place measures to prevent or quickly staunch any further imported cases.

SE | Save Sweden Cov19

Save Sweden Cov19 is a grass-roots campaign that aims to change the Swedish response to the Corona pandemic from a strategy of Mitigation to one of Containment/suppression of the virus.

FI | Eroon koronasta

Eroon koronasta -työryhmä (End COVID-19 Finland) is an open and independent Finnish group of scientists, doctors, and other experts advocating for the fast suppression of COVID-19 in Finland. Our work consists of advocacy, research, policy, and community action.

USA | Zero Covid US

A team of multi-disciplinary experts, grassroots organizers, and volunteers nationally. Our shared mission and vision is to evangelize that CovidZero is possible.


ZeroCOVIDNY: People in NY following the science, asking the Governor and others to stop COVID in NYS now


Zero Covid: For a Solidary European Shutdown is based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We demand a common Zero Covid strategy in Europe: Vaccinations alone will not solve the crisis. Especially not as long as the strategy lies in an arbitrary limitation of leisure activities without a shutdown of industry and economy. Infections need to be limited all infections are traceable again. Leave no-one behind: we are convinced that the containment of the virus can only happen, if all measures are designed in a way that supports solidarity in our society.

USA | Zero Covid Alliance Tucson

A community based group that is working towards a solution based response for Covid-19 in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

ES | Libres De Covid España

A network of Spanish volunteers that are working together to fight Covid-19.

KE | CDS Kenya

CDS Kenya is an NGO registered and operating in Kenya implementing programmes peace, environment, food security, Human Rights protection, and education

SE | Media Watchdogs Of Sweden

A focused based organization dedicated to leveraging and reporting to international media and influencers the true realities taking place in COVID-19 Sweden and challenging biased, misleading, and gaslighting media coverage. Also working towards holding the architects of the disastrous Swedish strategy accountable and working towards having them indicted for crimes against humanity.

EU | Europe, A Patient

Action groups with the aim to motivate EU leaders to fight the coronavirus crisis through bold and solidary economic action to protect European workers, small entrepreneurs and public healthcare. Europe, A Patient is a non-partisan initiative of citizens.

USA | Make Good Together

MakeGoodTogether empowers people to be leaders within their social circle to annihilate COVID-19. In being leaders within our social circle, we can normalize talking about difficult COVID-19 related safety situations and actions, express our own COVID boundaries, and be a role-model to the people closest to us. Our reach and influence is greater than we likely think. By making the MakeGoodTogether promise you are taking a first step in committing to be a leader to annihilate COVID-19.

Worldwide | Covid Is Airborne

Citizens of the world ask the WHO to urgently promote broad awareness of aerosol transmission, to save lives and halt its spread.