2020 Was Not A Throw-away Year

Written and published by our partners at Make Good Together

2020 was not a throw-away year.

2020 leaves us more equipped to handle imminent problems on the horizon, whether it’s healthcare reform, social justice, or existential issues like climate change. Covid-19 shook us out of comfort and complacency. It will forever be a reminder. It gave us the perspective to understand that it takes individual participation to solve the world’s problems.

2020 gave me hope in humanity’s ability to shift attention to what really matters, no later than right now.2020 was a year like no other. It was challenging. But it was not all bad. It sincerely breaks my spirit (a little) when I hear people talking about how 2020 was a shit year. It was hard, I get it; harder for some than others. But a lot of us put in some serious work.

We learned how to listen to ourselves, AND to each other. We found massive strength in the community. Our hearts were left damage; from the effects of long-covid, AND from the grief of those who passed, but yet we still found the capacity to advocate for what’s right.

Gratitude for all the new friendships we’ve gained this year. And for those fighting the good fight.

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